Client: Padiglione Italia SCARL

Project: Nemesi&Partners

Tipology: Cardo Expo Pavilion, Milan 2015. Glazing facades (about 5000 sq. mt.).

Location: Rho-Pero, Milan, Italy

Year: 2015

Photo: Soglianese Studio

Terraces and squares, a street that reminds us of the
characteristic Italian hamlets. So Expo’s audiences
were presented their territories, regions and their
specialties, the world of research, the associations and
historic companies.
The 4 temporary buildings of the Cardo were designed
with a “dry stone” structural system to be “dismantled”
at the end of the event and arranged elsewhere.
The Nemesi Studio’s concept planned the realization of
the buildings made up of juxtaposed volumes in small
squares, terraces and porticoed paths.
The glass windows were redesigned by Soglianese
Costruzioni, thinking up a technical solution that
allowed the outer glazed walls and roofs of all four
“cardi” to be built in two months. Painted steel profiles
and stratified extra clear glass, glasses assembled
together only with clear silicone to make them more