Client: CMB Società Cooperativa

Project: Studio Bellini

Tipology: Terminal T3 – New Facade TEKA.

Location: Fiumicino, Rome, Italy

Year: 2017

The project had the purpose of achieving the new
glass case facade of the International Terminal
T3. The terminal was inaugurated in 1961, with
a collaborative approach between the renowned
engineer Riccardo Morandi and the architects Zavitteri,
Luccichenti and Monaco.
The new Bellini Studio project planned the creation,
between the six pillars of the building, of five large
glass cases built with tempered stratified glass plates,
without interruption profiles and assembled only
with clear silicone sealant. The facade turns into a
fully inclined transparent surface, made with fulllength
glasses almost 7 metres high. The supporting
framework is made of steel plates and “runners”
elements in reinforced polyamide.The project is
completed with the realization of 5 inner doors entirely
made of glass.